2 4 Dinitrophenol


I’ve figured out not too soon – some guys were using DNP for resarch….on themselves! Well, I don’t want to take part in this anymore!

The best thing, that may happen to you is temporal weight loss. Yes, temporal – because if you dont learn proper dieting and exercise your bodyfat will eventually return. Your health wont.

The worst thing is death, and it happens every year. There is no cure from DNP poisoning. 

But there’s a way! Really. Just read this fucking book.


Powder DNP; 2 4-DNP; alpha-Dinitrophenol, 2 4-Dinitrophenol

Price listed per 1 capsule (200mg) of product. Additional components: ascorbic acid (vitamin C). For more details please use contact form.

This research chemical is not sold for human consumption, nor for study on any living organisms. Exposure to 2,4-dinitrophenol is hazardous and may be fatal.

Not for sale to U.K. residents!


Related Categories Building Blocks, C6 to C8, Chemical Synthesis,Organic Building Blocks, Oxygen Compounds,

vapor density 6.35 (vs air)
assay ≥97.0%


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2 4 Dinitrophenol is manufactured compound, that do not occur naturally. Originating from phenol substances it contains two nitro groups. Soluble in alkaline, sodium salts and ammonium. Also soluble in chloroform, acetone and alcohols. DNP decreases ATP production and increases energy consumption by mitochondria. Acting as proton ionophore in living cells it uncouples oxidative phosphorylation by transporting protons through the membrane. Leading to increased oxygen consumption and low formation of adenosine triphosphate.

Use of 2 4 Dinitrophenol

2 4 DNP was found in early 20th century and was used for wood preservation, dynamite detonation and as a dye. When factory workers, working with dinitrophenol began to complain about rapid weight loss it is come to public attention that­­­­­­­ DNP has incredible fat loss capabilities. It then was largely used as dieting aid by over 100 000 peoples up until 1938, when FDA prohibited administration of 2 4 DNP for human consumption. Now it only used as herbicide, defoliant and desiccant.  Dinitrophenol is still remains very popular among bodybuilders as underground weight loss supplement.

C6H4N2O5, 2
184.11 g/mol
CAS # [51-28-5] RTECS
EINECS R-Phrases
Beilstein S-Phrases
MDL Handling
Merck Index Transport 1320
P-Statement P261, P273, P280, P301+P310, P311 H-Statement H301, H311, H331, H373, H400
Signal Word Danger GHS-Symbol skull and crossbones health hazard environmental hazards

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  1. Anthony

    Just received my order today. Thanks!

  2. Jack L.

    I have received the shipment today. I’m looking forward to placing much larger orders. Thank You for your excellent service and fast shipping.

  3. R

    Purchased 14 caps of this powder form, took just over 2 weeks to ship to Southern US. Came in fine condition and I ran 400 mg for a week, good results but pretty sweaty at times. Would definitely recommend EC stack as well to curb appetite and give best results. Good guy, real solid product here.

    • Dinitroshop

      Please note that we sell this item for research purposes only. Selling it for human consumption is strictly illegan. It is packed in capsules only for means of safe transportation, we do not encourage using it as weight loss supplement.

  4. tom

    Great product, fast shipping to UK. three caps popped though in post….

  5. Alexander

    Great product. Shipping is great, everything was done on the top level. Thank you Dinitroshop!

  6. Bob

    Product was received quickly and effectively. Discrete top level service. Thanks.

  7. Jacob

    Just received 20 capsules, they were in perfect condition and arrived here rather quickly. Thank you sir i look forward to purchasing from you again.

  8. Dane

    Found out order was dlivered on Saturday ( only 9 days after shipping). Took first dose yesterday around 3 PM. Started sweating a little around 8 while relaxing and watching TV.

    Can’t wait to see how I do on my cycle. Great service!

  9. Juan Hernandez

    Excellent seller, Very fast shipping, less than 2 weeks to south florida, highly recommended, thank you so much

  10. nabe

    Please remove my first comment i accidently entered it while editing, use this one if you want.”

    Made an order of 8 pills a month ago. Came clean. 1 pill for each day. 3rd day felt the effects. Made a second order of 15 pills, came yesterday, 2 pills were broken inside, shipper has put them in a cd/dvd case and put some cover to protect them as much as possible. I touched the powder then washed my hands 3 times. Did not wash away, this chemical does not wash away easily so it is real. Shipping is fast enough. Thank you.

  11. Xavier

    Thank you very much for your time, highly recommended, very nice person and very understanding, shipping to Peru took time but he was always in contact and always showed interest on me (the customer), as I said, highly recommended provider, A+!

  12. Jay

    Order received in about a week. Thanks!

  13. Bert

    Good burn, legitimate product. Took about 2 weeks to get here in the states. I made a sample order of only 5 pills to see if it was legitimate, and it was. Packaged very discreetly.

  14. Bubba

    Very quick delivery overseas, no longer than a week. Everthing ordered receicved and descretly packaged as well. Took 1st cap today, definite yellow staining. Can’t wait for results

  15. Mfsr

    Product came fast with in 2 weeks to EU. Started taking it yesterday can feel the increased heat today, so def good product

  16. Raymond

    Received this a couple of months ago, thought I’d stop by and review.

    Started my lab-rats off with 200mg a day, small increase in body temp and desire for food, some discomfort while sleeping due to body temp.

    After day 4, increased dose to 400mg a day, significant rise in body temp, desire for food increased, must check if combined with some other substance to avoid appetite increase which leads to higher body temp spikes. More discomfort while sleeping due to body temp and dehydration. Constant water and electrolyte replenishment is needed.

    Rats went through significant weight loss and are back to normal food/sleep habits now.

    This is legitimate, it’s packed well and shipping took only 2 weeks. Thank you.

  17. Katrín

    Very fast shipping to Iceland (under 2 weeks). Two capsules were broken but i was offered a refund for them or extra caps in my next order. Good service :)

  18. Matt

    Product came in today in Midwest US after almost three weeks shipping. Packaging was good and product looks legitimate. Will order again in the future.

  19. miyuki

    Arrived in 2 weeks, very discrete packaging =]
    Thanks a ton!

  20. marlowe

    Nine days in perfect condition to West Coast USA. Legitimate product.

  21. Brendan DuBois

    As described.

  22. Ben F

    Just received my order today. Was pretty quick shipping giving that it came over seas. Very nicely packaged, everything looks great I had one broken pill but i do believe I will be able to save all the product. I put the DMP on the counter, and it left a nice yellow stain through the bag meaning this is legit looking forward to experiment and for future business!! Thank you

  23. GS

    Very fast shipping, one week! Packaged in a blu ray box remains only to test!

  24. dnpking

    Very quick shipping. Came to canada in just under 2 weeks.

    Product works well. It’s the real deal. More effective than I ever thought. I’m ordering more for my next cycle. 22lbs in 2 weeks on 800/1000 mg

  25. Jon

    I ordered some of these for my father, he took them.. and then the unthinkable happened.. I lost my father over these pills..

  26. kickstand

    This product does what it’s supposed to do. Research safe. Good product overall. I am a repeat customer.

  27. Scott Will

    Order #1814 arrived safely, thanks for your assistance.

  28. AM

    received my order and I must recommend this shop, good product and answers emails quickly

  29. Bdawg

    Just received my order today, all the capsules are intact and the shipment arrived in two weeks, looking forward to getting more

  30. CJ

    It was the real deal and it arrived relatively quickly. I was initially a bit skeptical but I’m glad I ordered and I would order from you guys again.

  31. AZza

    Received in exactly 10 working days to Australia. Customs opened the pack with a note that they found nothing of concern and didn’t take any of it. Definitely good and measured right, will order again.

  32. AZza

    2nd order came through fine as before. Caps measured exactly, top quality, great communication, couldn’t ask for more.

  33. Arn… Die…

    It arrived perfectly!! thanks so much

  34. nabe

    My 3rd order, 17 pills, arrived in 10 days. Great service.

  35. Angel

    Took about 2 weeks. Good quality. Stains hands yellow!
    Perfect herbicide!

  36. Kirk

    Just got my package today. It took a little over one month, but I live far away and I expected it to take a while. Excellent product.

  37. Dave

    took around 2 weeks to get to me here in Colorado. started test mouse at 200mg for days 1-3. mouse didnt really feel any body heat difference. day 4-7 increased dosage to 400mg. once in morning and once in evening. Test subject did experience some increase of body temp and increased appetite. increased dosage to 600mg for days 7-10. subjects temp definitely went up. sweats big time.
    after 10 day run with test subject not doing any cardio and not really sticking with any kind of diet. subject weight loss was 8 lbs.
    will be placing another order but next time will stick to a diet and carb deplete 2 days before starting cycle.

  38. Sarah

    Shipment arrived in 10 days to Midwest US. Three capsules came open during transit, but was packaged very well. Thanks!

  39. Elizabeth

    Ship and got it fast. Dinitrophenol is the best fat burner out there despite the bad reputation from the death of Eloise Aimee Parry.

    Dinitrophenol is well known for being “toxic” but it’s safe if you take it as directed. Every pill bottle always says don’t take more than 1 a day and Eloise Aimee Parry took 8.

  40. Alton

    Ordered from Canada. Received in about 2 weeks. This is legit. Great service.

  41. P

    Shipment arrived in 7 days to UK. Packaged well, all capsules received intact. Thank you.

  42. jade

    I I ordered a month ago and still have not received anything. This is a scam!!!

    • admin

      I urge you to wait a little more. Sometimes post works really slow, especially when it comes to international mail.
      You didn’t leave any contact info in your comment, so I am unable to check on your order.
      If you won’t yet recieve in nearest time – please use contact form yo inform me, i’m sure we could figure it out.

  43. Amelia

    Ordered 2 weeks ago and got package exactly 2 weeks after the “shipment sent email”.

    The item was packed securely and am confident that the item is what the seller says it is. Looking forward to doing more business with the seller. Thank you :)

  44. brodva

    I ordered at 3 different places, this is the only one to deliver. Very friendly. Order took 7 days to arrive (switzerland). If the quality is good, i’m going to order much more.

  45. Mel

    Order #2505 received 9 days after order confirmation. On day 2 of 10 day cycle so nothing to report but can’t wait to see results.

  46. chucky

    Alway’s a good product, fast respons and a way to solve things out. Very good company.


    Good good communication. Pretty fast shipping order #2503

  48. peter nielsen

    Just received my order today, 11 days transit. super fast ;)

  49. M.r.

    Received my order #2554 thank you:)

  50. Keith

    Received order promptly very satisfied. Pleased with being offered alternative payment option with PayPal. Thankyou

  51. Matt Westley

    Order shipped international in just 9 days super fast. This guy is the best.

  52. mike

    Arrived quickly, great service.

  53. Victor

    Trustworthy seller/ Vendedor de confianza.
    It took 7 days to arrive.

  54. Sophia

    Ord arrived today in perfect condition. Thanks!

  55. ang

    Product was good quality. Thanks.

  56. Leigh

    Arrived in two weeks!! Great seller. Trustworthy. I will order more.

  57. Keith

    Have ordered several consignments now and have been very pleased with both the service and the results. low dose up to 2 in the morning and 1 evening kept the temperature under control and sometimes 1 in the morning only produced steady controlled weight loss and stopped the overtemp discomfort. As long as diet is controlled and don’t fuel the fire so to speak this is very effective. remember to keep water intake up to at least around 2-3 litres per day…. not beer etc.

  58. Avi

    Received my order of 10 pills last Friday after two weeks of waiting. Got an extra 5 because of the issues I had with payment- watch out for those WU people!

  59. Rick

    Received my order very promptly, had some issues on my end and the site was very quick to email me back and help me out. I was extremely pleased with the service and the product was exactly what it was supposed to be. I’ll be doing plenty more orders with them in the future

  60. josh

    Great price and quick shipping. Received my order in just 2 weeks. Going to be ordering more from this site. Totally recommend buying from here. Customer service was amazing, answered all my questions fast, and kept me up to date.

  61. Tim

    Hi there,

    Are you still selling DNP? Please let me know. Thank you

    • admin


  62. C.J.

    Good stuff! If you’re not careful it’ll stain everything it touches yellow. I recommend it.

  63. Lin

    why don’t you ship to germany ?

    • admin

      Because your customs works really well. Congratulations.

  64. brian

    great product and service! ordered before the holidays so it took a little longer to get to me but i got it as promised and the product works as expected. looking forward to future business

  65. Sue

    Order arrived today. Very quick to Australia. Am looking forward to taking these over the next few weeks. Thank uou again for the great service..

  66. Derpinator

    Ordered some, came in last week. So far the pills do what they should do. Had to wait for about two weeks until they arrived in Switzerland.
    Pleasant contact, had a alot of patience with me. Sure going to order some more soon!

  67. jose

    tried to contact to see any info but i guess they failed to contact me back (checked my email everyday even spam mail) i hope with this review they can contact me for sure i wanted some info before i buy this product hope they contact me soon

    • admin

      Dear Sir, we are locatet on other side of the globe. When sun is shining upon your country everybody usually sleeps here. But I assure you – no question is leaved without an answer within a day. -admin

  68. Adam

    Order received intact after 12 days to the US west coast. There was a minor issue in payment which the seller more than made up for in extra product. Great service and great shipping, thanks!

  69. KrishNa

    I have to compliment the aohutr of this excellent article. While she has a healthy cynicism about the book s claims she does not resort to outright attacks on me and my book as many others have. While I certainly understand her doubts, I am willing to bet she has not read the book. Everything she has written she could have completed by going on my website or just reading the book jacket. So far, every single person who has read the book and gotten back to me, believes it. The proofs are overwhelming. The middle part of Illegally Thin contains the complete report on DNP produced by Stanford University Medical Clinics after almost two years of very large scale human testing. That report supports all of my books claims to perfection. Not to mention that DNP was a prescription drug for five years in this country used by at least one half of one million people. I have used the drug personally now for a total of 70 days or so. I can tell you my experience and that of my family and friends who have used it bears out everything I claim about its safety and efficacy. Modern day underground use is fairly extensive and also proves my claims. Perhaps the greatest proof is the claims and actions of the FDA itself. O well, I am just happy to see someone balanced enough to stop at a rational, healthy cynicism, instead of just attacking me without knowing hardly a thing about DNP or my book. Random Knight

  70. Brian

    Hey I’m looking to put an order do you guys still have dnp available and do you ship to the US?


  71. Jose

    just got my product dang in just 2 weeks order#3285 their service is great they contact you right away paying was easy thought it was gonna come thursday but got it yesterday under 14 days i live here in california there was no problem packaging was great pills are intact nothing is looks odd cant wait to start my cycle thanks alot for the great service if its good ima do a big order.

  72. Flex

    Great service , admin replied promptly within 24 hours every time u had messaged him and the package arrived nearly sealed and in perfect condition ! Definitely recommend buying from here GREAT!

  73. Caitlin

    So helpful! Fast delivery, excellent packaging. Will definitely use again and recommend to others. Thanks!

  74. brian

    Incredible service! Received within 2 weeks and quality product too

  75. Brian

    Great customer service!

  76. jose

    Im ordering again this is a great product lost alot of weight 30 pounds great service got my package just in time cant wait for my next cycle payment is easy you guys are awesome

  77. Luke

    Order received quickly. Great customer service!

  78. Nick

    Why Don’t you deliver in Greece?

    • admin

      Greece has been added to available countries just today. You can order now.

  79. Jesus

    Order #3494- Order came in slightly late, but overall satisfied with the product itself! Arrived in perfect conditions and will be ordering again soon!

  80. Ryan Trussell

    Packaging is good. Product is good. Will continue to buy from this seller. Also like the customer service

  81. Bab

    Faite vous des ventes pour la France

  82. klayz

    Im from germany, would love to order some… is it possible?

    • admin

      Yes. Please order a lot!

  83. Sheila Bautista

    I PLi placed order but don’t show how to pay. Help! No numbercall either??

    • admin

      You should receive a bitcoin adress and amount to pay in next window. Also, that information is sended to your email box.

  84. blerim

    DNP is real, but the cap quality is mediocre. The caps are very brittle and two caps broke during shipment, powder was all over the place.

    I will not buy from dinitroshop again, seeing as others are significantly cheaper and have higher quality.

    I give it 2 out of 5 stars.

  85. Ruslan

    Unfortunately my shipment was stopped at customs (Norway). They tested the pills and the pills tested positive for dinitrophenol, thus seizure. So for those wondering if this is genuine product, it is :) Also 5/5 for customer service. Quick and professional communication.

  86. Peter Mortensen

    I made the mistake of thinking it wasn’t authentic and took only a tiny bit extra and was sitting in s 40 degree room sweating like it was a sauna. THIS IS LEGIT DNP. Customer service was fast, helpful and they respond extremely quickly. Once again….THIS IS LEGIT DNP. DO NOT TAKE EXTRA OR WONDER IF IT’S REAL. IT IS VERY VERY REAL.

  87. daniel

    ordered small amount of dnp for first order, was not sure if capsules would get through Australian customs. Well it did. Australian customs even opened my package and i still received shipment. 10/10 will be ordering again

  88. Anthony

    Purchased a small order being my first time. Sent payment and received product with fast shipping and packed discreettly. It made it through customs. I took 1 pill a day for 3 days to access tolerance and make sure they were not overdosed. I did not notice any bad sides. I waited two weeks before starting my real cycle. I front loaded 500mg for 2 days and felt the heat come on heavy at day 2. This is on par with other DNP I have taken in the past. I completed my cycle with good weight loss and body recomposition. Good customer service. My only gripe being that 1 of my pills were broken and some of the others feel very brittle like they might break soon. I would recommend on buying through this seller. Product is legit. Shipping is fast considering its international. Customer service is good.

  89. Trip

    First order arrived approximately 2 weeks after completely order to US. Started low dose 200 mg/day, slight increase in temperature, no weight loss noted. Second order, increased to 2 capsules daily, again intermittent increase in temperature, increased appetite somewhat, day 5 or 6 added one capsule mid-day, more constant increase in temp., appetite normal, maybe even slightly decreased. Will continue 2 capsules in am, and 1 capsule mid-day and check back. Good product, very discrete.

  90. brian

    order received in timely manner as always!

  91. Chase

    Do you deliver to NZ.

    • admin


  92. toniski

    do you also deliver in the Philippines? thanks!

    • admin


  93. Alexander

    A++ Product – Recommend

  94. Jojo

    Really interested in this product….. I’m curious if you are still selling?

    • admin


  95. Sandra

    What country is this product delivered from?

    • admin

      It’s shipped from Ukraine.

  96. Kristina

    Do you deliver to Greece?

    • gcxb xg


  97. Kristina

    Can you please fix the country selection?
    I can’t enter Greece as delivery option.

  98. Simon

    I guess your not going to ship to the UK anytime soon?

    • gcxb xg

      Yes. Since it’s forbidden in United Kingdom.

  99. Danny

    recieved it after 3 weeks. ordered 25 pills and 2 were broken…..

  100. chic montenegro

    Upon receiving my order I opened up several capsules only to be very disappointed to find light tan to brown gravel looking substance. The DNP I ordered from another source was the brightest yellow crystals you’d ever seen. I contacted the company and they said not to judge the product by it’s looks so I didn’t. Gave it two weeks and nothing. No noticeable results not even the slightest side effects. Just received an order from the first supplier who gave me this second on as a freebie because the first was under dosed. Again, the brightest yellow powder I’ve ever seen. The capsules, although not yellow stained the airtight packaging that contained it. The money I spent with this company is $300 I’ll never get back, but you live and learn. Do your homework and order from somewhere else.

    • gcxb xg

      I’m sorry, but i can’t find client with an email, thet you’ve used for writing this review. Perhaps you have bought dinitrophenol elsewhere?

  101. Bella

    Is this price in USD? Or what currency

    • gcxb xg

      Yes, yhe price in US dollars.

  102. Nana

    My order came to Denmark a few days ago. The product is very good, although sadly many of the caps were broken. Would order again.

  103. kawal

    HI Do you deliver to Malaysia

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)



    Are yall still accepting orders???

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)


  105. MrDNP0815

    From which country do you deliver to Germany ?

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)

      From Ukraine.

  106. Rambo

    Do you ship to Ireland?
    If so how long does it take to arrive?

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)

      Two weeks to US and Canada, a little faster to EU.

  107. Arjun Yogan

    Why can’t you ship to the UK?!

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)

      Lately there was increased reports regarding misuse of DNP in UK.

  108. Toyosi

    Please do you deliver to Nigeria?

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)

      Never shipped to Nigeria before. But why not?

  109. Toyosi

    I’m so excited.
    I’ll definitely try this out and give you the best review if successful.

  110. Toyosi

    While I was checking out, I realized that my country Nigeria was not there, also I wanted to ask if my shipping would still be save if I used the one that cost $5.

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)

      Just added Nigeria to the list. Thank you for bringing this up.

  111. Toyosi (verified owner)

    I placed an order recently but you still haven’t gotten back to me.

  112. Mike

    Hi. Still accepting orders?

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)

      Yes! Product is available.

  113. JayziiJayzii

    Hi, noticed that Finland was missing from the list, could you ad it please. Would like to try these.

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)

      Just added. Thanks for noticing.

  114. Rafael

    Did you ship to Brazil ? How many days would it take ? And the shipping price of 20 caps

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)

      Yes, shipping to Brasil is possible. Delivery would take approximately two weeks. Price is listed for one capsile, 20 caps would be 56$.
      Shipping depends on whether you want tracking or not, and will cost 5$ and 15$ accordingly.

  115. Daniel

    Hi! are you sending right now to Spain? thanks!

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  116. HG

    Hi, you ship to PO boxes in Canada?

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  117. Mk

    Still selling? ETA to USA?

    • gcxb xg (verified owner)

      Yes. Delevery time to US is 9-21 days.

  118. Azchemist

    Shipping was fast and contact with seller was good. A few capsules broke but the seller gave me extra in advance so that was great. Don’t be fooled by how the powder looks like a light tan-yellow as it stains easily and makes everything bright yellow and you will not get that stain out. I don’t know why some of the pastebins say this source is a bunk as the DNP I recieved seems pretty legitimate chemically, so be careful with it.

  119. Toyosi (verified owner)

    When are you going to have the product available please.

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